Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Max's Birthday Weekend

 Enjoying at treat at Adventureland before heading home after a full day at the water park Adventure Bay.

Such a fun weekend! We began our weekend with a living room camp out (which resulted in very little sleep for all of us), ran errands, went to the Des Moines Arts Festival (one of my favorite events all year), and spent a day swimming at Adventure Bay. Oh yeah, and we celebrated Max's 7th birthday! It was one of those weekends (just like a lot of others) where Monday morning feels like a relaxing vacation!

 Camping in the living room is what I call my kind of "camping." The kids didn't go to sleep until a few hours past their bedtimes (which resulted in a housewide nap time), Elizabeth had to go to her bedroom to sleep after not being able to stay on her mattress (I need a drink of water, I need another snack, I need to pee, I need to read a book, etc.), but all in all we had a great time.

The next morning the minis jumped, dove, and wrestled on the mattresses before we put them away.

 Saturday evening we headed downtown to the Des Moines Arts Festival. We listened to music, ate food from local restaurants, and looked at the art. The kids favorite part was running around on the green grass and playing in the library fountain.

 Aunt Jenny was there working at the Blank Park Zoo booth.

Of course I wound up wearing the kid's red panda masks around my neck.

 Messing around with the dinosaur head and claws.

 Max turned 7 on Sunday! We celebrated with cake for breakfast, presents, Lego building, and a day at the water park. Read his birthday letter here.

 Max's raptor cake. Baked and decorated by Hubs.

That big green slide behind me. The one that pretty much drops straight down? I conquered that. I went down, got the biggest wedgie of my life, and was greeted at the bottom by the three minis who informed me "we missed it. Will you go down again?"
As I say every year, I love birthday month, but I'm glad that it's over. This celebrating every weekend in June is tiring and my bank account has taken a beating thanks to all of the new presents laying around. Until next year birthday month, thanks for the fun times!