Monday, January 13, 2014

These Are the Weekends I Love

A little bit of relaxing, getting out of the house for one of our "family adventures," fun times, and gorgeous weather for January. Here's a view of how our weekend went:

Saturday morning we got up and out of the house, to the bank before 10 and to the mall by 10:00 am....I think this is some kind of record for us! We started making headway on our Iowa Winter To Do List this weekend and our first some was the Academy of Wildlife Education in Merle Hay Mall. This is no longer around, but the kids loved it and learned a lot from their programs.

While we were there, we took in an educational program about bats. On the weekends, they have short programs every hour on the hour. This was the first time my kids sat through a 15 minute program and they really enjoyed it and listened to all of the facts about bats. They even learned how to make a bat house, which mean the three boys have found their newest project.

Petting the bat during the program. We were surprised at how soft it's fur is.
After some Wildlife Education, the kids got out some energy, mom shopped, we got grocery shopping done, lunch, and then Lily and I headed home for naps (along with dishes, cooking, laundry, and cleaning for me) while the boys went to the science center. While at the science center, the boys took in an experiment program and learned some cool new experiments.
There was more fun to be had after naps and the science football!
Putting together their Lego's. The boys are counting down the days until the new Lego movie comes out (less than a month now I'm told) and were thrilled to see the new Lego Movie figurines are out in stores.
My kids favorite: chili mac.
Max dancing to the music at the end of "Despicable Me 2." 
Valentine's candy is officially out in stores! 
The Sour Cherry Balls went pretty quick between the 5 of us, as you can see by Elizabeth's stuffed mouth!
Max proudly showing off his Dowling shirt he wears for bed.
Before bed, the boys couldn't wait to show me one of the new experiments they learned: a homemade lava lamp! It was pretty cool and I plan on doing this for the daycare kids as well.

This is what Sunday at 5 am looked like for me. Since I woke up at 3 am Sunday morning to deal with a bed wetting, needing water, and a non-sleeping little girl, hubby took over breakfast duty and let me go back to sleep. I needed that three hour Sunday morning nap!
Barnyard waffles for breakfast.
The weather was so beautiful on Sunday. The minis ran around the backyard in the melting snow and got out some cooped up energy and fresh air. I made paints for them to paint the snow (water and food coloring).
Harrison slipped and got stuck on the slide as they were setting up an obstacle course to run through. I had no idea how this happened....sometimes it's just better not to ask!
The boys filled their squirt guns with snow and got upset that they "got all jammed up!" They still enjoyed pretending to "shoot" each other and find cover so they didn't get "shot at."
Max took cover behind the air conditioner.

Family dinner at Grandma and Grandpa Harmeyer's: grilled hamburgers, pasta salad, broccoli, and corn. This is what happens when Iowans experience nearly 50 degree temps in January!

When we got home from family dinner, Max tried out his new telescope. It was a cloudy night so he didn't get to see much.
Family game night before bed. 

After spending the evening talking about our February weekend getaway to Honey Creek Resort, Harrison insisted on sleeping with his goggles on

We're very much looking forward to next weekend with more adventures on tap: Historical Museum, Art Center, and possibly a little skating. While relaxing is fun, our adventures around town are double the fun!