Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year's to All

We had big plans for our New Year's Eve day with the minis. The five of us and a few little friends headed to the Science Center of Iowa for their annual Noon Year's Eve celebration. The highlight of this celebration is the gigantic balloon drop at noon. We had plans to go last year, but a very sick mini girl changed those plans. I've been looking forward to this event for an entire year. I knew it was going to be busy but it was soooo busy and unorganized that we didn't even see the balloon drop! Instead we got trapped in a backroom, unable to move.

The balloons at the science center for the balloon drop
Playing around at the science center.
The kids got to pet a snake!

And this is what we were able to see of the balloon drop. Fire hazard anyone????

The kids were so disappointed about the balloon drop that the hubs and I decided to do our own for them. After a late pizza party lunch and an attempt at naps (no one slept), we headed to Target for our NYE impromptu kiddie balloon drop supplies. Of course it's Target so we spent far too much time and money there, but got some excellent deals on clearance.
Yummy pizza and breadsticks!
One of Max's best lines "oh mom, look at this picture! Wouldn't this look great in our living room? Oh mom!"

We grabbed Mexican take out for dinner, gave the kids a bath, and quickly set up their balloon drop.

No naps meant early to bed for the minis and a night of movies, conversations, and snacks to begin for the hubs and I. It was a quiet, relaxing night that was very much needed after our busy Christmas week.
Champagne chilled and ready for drinkin'!

New Year's Day was extremely relaxing and included a two hour nap on the couch. I kept up my Grandma Ann's tradition of snack food and football on NY day (no fondue, sorry cousins!). We spent the day relaxing, playing, sledding, crafting, and building Lego sets.

The balloons are still providing entertainment!
Sledding at Waveland Golf Course--best hills around!

Some of our yummies from New Year's Day.
Lil' smokies and mashed potatoes.
Pepperoni pizza breads.
Max building his last set of Legos from Christmas.
It's been a busy break! Ready to get back into the swing of things!
Holiday List completed!

We ended our first day of 2014 by putting the finishing touches on our Iowa Winter Fun To Do List and talking about our goals for the year. My favorite thing on our list is Max's contribution which is number 8 on the list "rest up for summer." I like how this mini thinks since all I can think of is all of the fun summertime activities on these below zero snowy days! The last two days of this week will be on our "regular schedule" with daycare kids and back to school. While I love the holidays and all of the craziness that comes with them, I'm just as happy to get back into the groove, our typical schedule, and everyday life.

May your 2014 be as bright as your dreams!