Friday, January 17, 2014

Chocolate-y Sensory Play

With Valentine's Day a month away, I've got many crafts and activities full of hearts and the colors red and pink. When it came time to make our Valentine slime, I wanted something other than red, pink, and rose scented (I despise the smell of roses). So, I got creative and started making chocolate sensory play things. Chocolate slime. Chocolate play dough. Chocolate noodles. Chocolate paint.

Items you'll need for all four sensory plays:

  • Glue
  • Liquid starch
  • Flour
  • Corn Starch
  • Salt
  • Pasta noodles
  • Water
  • Cocoa powder

Chocolate Slime:

1 bottle of school glue, 1 cup of liquid starch, 1 tsp cocoa powder

"Look mom! There's chocolate poop on my hand!" -Max

Chocolate Play Dough:

Baking soda, flour, corn starch, salt, water and cocoa powder (I did not use exact measurements, just guessed until I got a consistency I was pleased with. Tip: I did use more baking soda than any other ingredient). Looks a little gross, but smells wonderful, fun to use cookie cutter to cut out shapes, and is totally safe if a certain child tries to take a bite (I failed to get a picture of this).

Chocolate Noodles:

Cooked noodles tossed with cocoa powder (while noodles are still wet from boiling).

Chocolate Paint:

Flour, cornstarch, water, cocoa powder (again, I guessed on measurements. The consistency shouldn't be too thick, not too watery, but right in between--confusing enough???).

The only thing non-edible was the chocolate slime (made from glue and liquid starch) but the kids did plenty of smelling and made comments such as "ooh, yummy!" followed by an "I'm hungry."

By far, the best smelling sensory play we've done yet.
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