Monday, January 6, 2014

First Weekend In January

It's only the first weekend in January and we're dreaming of spring here already. Our biggest hoorah of the weekend was celebrating my sister's (aka Aunt Jenny) birthday with family. Sunday it was too cold to go anywhere we had planned, so we opted for our cozy warm house, football games on tv, science experiments, taco soup, and sweats all day long.

Someone wore his shirt backwards....on purpose.

Happy Birthday Aunt Jenny!
Reading books with Aunt Jenny and cousin Natalie.
One of the many made up games for the day: Throwing the ball at the foam block to try to knock it down. They asked us for a bat but we were too scared to see the damage they could do with one!
Harrison hid in his bed sheets and then jumped out at Max.
Playing with the Little People town that's set up. Harrison wore my scarf around his neck all day....just in case anyone had any questions about it in further pics.

Rocket science experiment.
Fingerprint experiment from Max's science experiment box he got for Christmas.

Proudly displaying their fingerprints.
Elizabeth got ahold of my phone and took it into the boy's room to play with it so I wouldn't see.
Max is obsessed with mazes lately.
New taco soup recipe: ground beef (cooked), black beans, pinto beans, diced tomatoes, beef broth, taco seasoning, water cooked in the Crockpot 6 hours. Top with cheese and Fritos. The kids loved it!
Bath paints. I used baby soap for one tray and kids bubble bath (pictured) for another tray, mixed with food coloring. Bath time was an hour this evening because of these.
The kids started by painting on the walls and quickly moved to painting it on themselves. Since it's just soap and food coloring it washes off of walls (and bodies) easily.

I'm a bit worried the home bound feeling will kick in and I'll have three screaming kids begging to "leave the house and hit the town" (as the boys say) by Wednesday. Next weekend we've got a full list of activities to do around Des Moines. Hopefully that will help with our wintertime blues!