Thursday, January 30, 2014

Boys Days

Tuesday and Wednesday were dubbed boys days in our house, with a house of four boys (plus one tag along little girl named Elizabeth who has no issues trying to keep up with the boys thanks to her brother's). The differences between boys and girls are vast and sometimes shocking. So, what are days like with just little boys to contend with?

 Lots of yelling and "arrghh" saying, random wrestles on the floor, running, jumping, super hero playing, plane flying, and just all around rough.

Max was home on Tuesday to make for a very rowdy (and fun) boys day. Wednesday was an all boys day too, where they attempted some new maneuvers on the slide in the living room. I am very pleased to report there were no injuries, just a few bumps and bruises on arms and legs.

How do you keep little boys entertained you ask? Like this:

Running, running, running, more running, jumping, diving, and then more running. They ran and jumped into the ball pit, they played chase, hide n' seek, jumped off of the couch, did random karate kicks in the air, piled on top of each other in the ball pit, and made the musical instruments into weapons. Typical boy stuff.
One shirtless little boy, using a play apron as a cape, helping me bake heart pancakes.
Trying out the new maneuvers on the slide. Elizabeth complicated their playing by laying at the bottom on the slide and told the four boys "no hit me!" Now that is typical girl behavior.
Harrison rolled down the slide after being told he could no longer run down the slide.
The boys set up a card game (Go Fish). Elizabeth had to play too.
There was lots of playing with the super hero figurines....and lots of playing super heroes too!
Frogs on a stick anyone??? The boys like coloring these, taping them to the stick was cool, but they really like chasing each other with the frogs the best. Eventually the frogs started "attacking" each other, which was when it was time to put them away.
Playing with the boys is great, but sometimes you just need to take a time out for a biggest brother/little sister snuggles......and then go into wrestling each other.

Despite the constant running, yelling, and playing super heroes, I still think little boys are much easier than little girls......they just require a lot more caffeine to keep me going!