Thursday, January 23, 2014

A Summer Day in the Middle of Winter

It may have been below zero outside, school cancelled from the cold, but inside our house today was summer! We cranked the heat to 74 degrees, put on our shorts and t-shirts and got soaked with the water table, played our outside games in the living room, had horse races, tried out the pogo stick, did a summer craft, had a picnic lunch, and played with "sand."

Started the day with homemade whole wheat waffles.

"Yaayyy! Did it!" Lily girl was so proud of herself.
The water table in our kitchen. I dyed the water and added bubbles. I then put plastic letters in the bottom and had the kids "fish" for them.
Bath finger puppets the kids used in the water table. The kids loved playing with these the most of anything!

Doing a summertime craft: paper bag jellyfish.

Horse races in the living room.

All of the kids took turns on the pogo stick....
Even Lil Miss E needed to try it out.
Picnic lunch on the living room floor while watching "The Magic School Bus."
Freshly baked Valentine's cookies.
While the kids napped, I drained the water table, cleaned it, and whipped up some flour "sand" for after naps.

 Somehow it was super easy for the kids to understand "no splashing" but they couldn't quite grasp the "no throwing" with the "sand."
Max made a windmill farm with the Magformers.

The grow stingray.
Ended our night with this: "mom! Can you come here please! I falled my shelf!"

This day suppose to help combat the kid's winter time blues, but it made me crave spring and summer so much more! A little preview for tomorrow:
A slide. In our living room. Whatever it takes to get us through winter, this momma will try it!