Monday, January 6, 2014

No School Monday

Extremely cold temps meant no school today. That left me keeping eight kids, ages 19 months to 5 1/2 years, busy, busy, busy. So what did we do? A little of this and a little of that....

Crock pot breakfast casserole. 
The kids colored these paper cut outs. I bought these at Dollar Tree in the school section. They're technically for bulletin boards, but they work well for the kids to color on too. I tend to keep a package or two on hand for a quick activity.
Painting paper plates that were turned into crowns when dry. I gave them 7 colors of neon paints and all types of paint brushes and rollers to experiment with.
Bright and colorful soon to be crowns.
The crowns dry and cut and ready for the princes and princesses of today.
The "coolest" activity from today: playing with "snow," which was baking soda and cold water mixed together.
The result is a cold substance a lot like snow. I had the kids wear old t-shirts to keep their clothes clean. Although this washes off easily, it is a wet mixture that got everywhere.
The kids had a blast making "snowballs" and flattening their snow out and making hand prints in it. 
Last night I went through our closet and pulled out old t-shirts and undershirts that are no longer worn and let the kids wear them. Max wore my favorite t-shirt ever: This Blows. I wore this shirt every night when I was pregnant with him.
Elizabeth's favorite trick: standing on the train table, shouting "no!" at the kids when they do something wrong and attempting to boss everyone around.
Making colored ice cubes for bath time.
Rice sensory bins. 
"Sparkly slime!" was a hit this afternoon. Kept the two 5 year olds I had busy for an hour and half.
The kids ended their day with a rainbow bath, using the ice cubes we made outside. 

Tomorrow is sure to be another busy day (especially if schools are cancelled again). Painting is on the agenda, along with another activity involving the baking soda "snow." I have a feeling I'm going to be wiped by the end of the week!