Friday, January 24, 2014

Week In Review: January 20 - January 24

Nothing sums up this week better than the word: BUSY! Two no school days and a full house every day this week meant I had to have more than the usual activities planned.
All of the kids worked together to build the fire truck puzzle. Max was the moderator on this activity.
The kids got to play in our frozen tundra (aka backyard) on Monday. 
Mowing the's an Iowa thing.
"I'm digging for worms!" said Harrison.
Only here would you find a toy box lid, soccor net, and bat on the patio!
Party crowns for their pizza party. 
Heart cookie cutter painting.

Sensory snacks were a big hit! 
  "The Best Day of my Life"  dance party.
Bouncy Ball Painting Round 1 
Bouncy Ball Painting Round 2
Playing with chocolate play dough and making hand prints in the dough.
A favorite lunch around here: colored pasta (pink, red, and white for Valentine's Day), spinach leaves, peas, and apple slices.
Wednesday afternoon was experiment time: Rocket experiment.
Lava lamp experiment.
Volcano experiment.
The boys felt the need to cover the cat up so he was warm while he napped. 
 Getting the house ready for our Summer in the Middle of Winter day. The water table got a good scrubbing in the shower.
A Summer Day in the Middle of Winter.
Our latest grow animal: a sting ray. By far the creepiest grow animal we've done so far.
Heart cookie cutter painting--this time with different colors. The kids informed me this wasn't right and couldn't be used as a Valentine's project. 
The kids used neon flour paint (flour, cornstarch, and water whisked together until smooth) to paint this box.....
which has now become their new finger puppet theater.

Winter seems to be getting to all of the kiddos, so I brought the slide in. 
Chalk colorings. I had the kids use a paper towel to give it a smeared look. 
After the daycare kids left, the minis went off to bed, and I clean the house, it's the cat's turn to play on the slide. 

Needless to say, after a week like this, I'm looking forward to a somewhat relaxing weekend with my minis!