Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Long, Long Week January 7 - January 10

It's been a busy and long week here. The first full week after the holidays is a killer every year, but this one had it's challenges. Snow days, late starts, busy days, and several late nights with a sick mini and two boys who are off schedule. Most of the week, the youngest mini has been fussy, crying, and oh so snotty. Wednesday night was rough--up all night and screaming "owie, my ear!" A trip to the pedi Thursday morning confirmed what I suspected: ear infection because her tubes came out. Only one week until we head to the ENT to decide what's next.

Other than a sick baby girl and the boys waking up at random times in the night asking me about pooping (it's just simpler to not share this story, but instead direction to my post entitled A Very Shitty Day), we've had a very busy week. There's been lots of coloring, painting, game playing, a movie day, and sensory play.

Here are a few highlights from Tuesday - Friday:

Car painting

Elizabeth really got into the painting.
Stampers on the paper fish.
Next they colored the fish with metallic markers.
A mixture of water and vinegar paints.....
to paint the baking soda "snow" that the kids played with on Monday.
The kids loved the fizzies from the vinegar paints being put on the baking soda snow.
Now they had colorful "snow" to play with the remainder of the morning.
It was still a very cold day, so we set some vinegar out in the snow to freeze over nap/rest time.
I didn't let them freeze completely so all I had to do was tilt them upside down onto the baking soda.
"Major fizzies!!" the kids exclaimed. They enjoyed this more than the painting.
Having car races.
Car races=energy burner.
Day 3 of the baking soda snow: play time in the bath with it.

Harrison has memorized "The Foot Book" and read it to daddy.
This is how much laundry we accumulate and I wash, dry, and "put away."
Painting with trains.
 The kids enthusiastically had the trains "choo choo" -ing all over their papers.
The trains got a bath after being painted with.
Painting real snow with water paints. Even though they knew it was real snow, they complained how cold it was and that it melted.
We made heart shape stampers with toilet paper rolls. I also made pink glitter paint to use them with, which was big hit.
My oldest said they also looked like kissing lips and colored his like lips once the paint dried.
Again Miss E has issues with paint. She "wash wash hair" with the pink glitter paint. There's still glitter in her hair today.
My sick and "ouchie" girl relaxing on the couch.
My accidental strawberry nipple cupcakes
The nipple cupcakes all frosted and can't even tell that they're nipple cupcakes.
Not only did the cake batter have chopped strawberries in it, but I also put a strawberry on top. The kids LOVED these cupcakes...and got a serving of fruit to go with their sugar.
Our two cats kept the kids entertained for a good part of the day. They sat at the window trying to chase the birds that were flying around our bushes.
One of the kid's favorite new toy: a McDonald's cash register. One kid orders, one kid takes the order, and then two other kids are in the playhouse getting the order ready. I've been really happy with how much this toy has inspired them to work together to play together.

Next week, the kids will be making paper bag puppets, doing sensory bins, reading Valentine books, and starting in on some of our Valentine crafts. Hopefully this next week goes a bit more smoothly, a little less pain for my littlest mini, the other two minis can get back to our usual schedule, and I can make some headway in spring break vacation planning!