Sunday, January 5, 2014

Thursday and Friday Review: January 2 and 3

The biggest hit of the two days were the balloons. The kids played non stop with a bunch of balloons from the kid's NY balloon drop. So glad we made that $1 purchase for twelve balloons! Take a look at some of the other activities from Thursday and Friday:

Chocolate cake and M&M's=happy kids. We celebrated a daycare friend's 3rd birthday.
Cotton ball snowmen using glue (this was a big deal for the kids since I usually use glue sticks with them).

The cotton ball snowmen turned out really cute! I added pipe cleaners for arms as well but failed to get a picture of one.
The kids used the new jumbo colored pencils to color snowflakes.
Cookie cutter snowflakes painting.
We opened up Max's science kit he got for Christmas and did the exploding volcano.

Elizabeth got to play in Harrison's classroom after his holiday program.
Spin art
Spin art with snowflake cut outs.
Homemade play dough. 
The kids used cookie cutters with the dough.
An hour of dough playing entertainment. 
A little gymnastic activities on the foam balance beam. The kids love trying to run across it.

Next week we'll be back to regular routine (minus a no school day on Monday due to extremely cold temps). A little preview for Monday:
"Snow" made from baking soda and water. Can't wait to see the messy fun the kiddos have with this!!