Sunday, January 19, 2014

Week In Review: January 13 - January 17

I give to you our week in pictures:

The kids made paper bag puppets and then sang songs with them.
Dr. Harrison examining patient Elizabeth.
Foam stickers from Dollar Tree.
Painting paper plates for our game.

This game provided an easy hour of entertainment. The only bad thing is it got destroyed (it is only made out of paper plates and a toilet paper roll). Luckily this was so cheap and easy to make that it can quickly be made again.
Paper plate masks.
We used pipe cleaners so the masks stayed on like glasses.
I found these blank books in the Target dollar section. Each day, I've been having the kids color one page in their book.
The kids are really getting a kick out of coloring their own books. I had some worried parents at the beginning of the week when their child(ren) reported coloring in a book, but I reassured them that it was A-Okay! Every time they color a new page, I ask the them to tell me what they colored. I can't wait until the end to when I have them share their books.
Elizabeth ran some errands with daddy....and had to wear her backpack like her brother's.
Heart hats. 

This is how my house looks every evening. While the minis bathe, I sanitize the toys (very important this time of year). After bath we all clean up and after the minis are in bed, the kitchen gets cleaned. We've got it this down now after almost 3 years!

All of the kids did a great job working together to build a massive Lego train, complete with animlas and people. They then proceeded to make a Lego town to drive the train through. 
Max quizzed all of the kids this week on their letters and numbers. H had to endure it first thing at breakfast--and was then informed by Max that if he didn't know this soon he wasn't going to 4 year old preschool. Then I had to deal with crying and worried 3 year olds.
The start of the unexpected snow storm.
LOTS of chocolate sensory play this week!
I had the kids "glue" sweethearts on the heart. The "glue" was made out of powdered sugar and water. In the past, parents have had to deal with upset kids at pick up time because they couldn't eat the candy on their to avoid the tears, I made it edible. Except for the paper heart, I wouldn't recommend eating that.
All of the kids really loved this activity. Even 19 month old Elizabeth understood it and did this activity without any help.
When things get quiet, I KNOW some thing's amiss. The boys were playing basketball in their room when it went incredibly quiet and I heard Harrison say quietly "is everything okay up there Max?" When I peaked into their room, this is what I saw. Apparently the basketball ricocheted off of the basketball hoop and knocked everything off of the shelf. Max quickly and as quietly as possible replaced the items of the shelf and then hopped back down.

Another busy week is in store for the next week. The kids will have a chance to run around the backyard, paint, do Valentine crafts, have  fruit and veggie sensory snacks, and the day I'm most looking forward to: our Summer In The Middle of Winter Day. Lots to do, plan, clean, and see next week!