Monday, October 13, 2014

Frey's Pumpkin Patch

After last year's less than pleasurable experience at a popular central Iowa pumpkin patch, I wanted to avoid the amusement park that pumpkin patch's have become. I wanted my children to experience a simple 'go pick your pumpkin and we're done' type of place. During our many fall outings last year up to Ledges State Park I spotted Frey's Pumpkin Patch in Madrid, Iowa (just south of town right along highway 17). This year we stopped for a few pumpkins and it did not disappoint one bit!

Just like the sign says, they have pumpkins, gourds, Indian corn, apples, and popcorn all at an unbelievable price. We already had a collection of pumpkins, but apparently we can't have too many pumpkins (is 9 too many???) and found several more in the pumpkin field. We pulled up to a make shift parking lot right next to a barn and house. We grabbed a wagon and went about picking pumpkins. Yes, it was that simple. No fees to pick a damn pumpkin. No waiting in line for 2 hours for a wagon ride or giant jumping pillow. No food stand selling over priced apple cider and burned popcorn (or lines that take an hour long to stand in to get the over priced apple cider and burned popcorn). One of our favorite things about Frey's Pumpkin Patch is that they had cutters and a rag to clean the pumpkins inside the wagons ready to go for you. Anyone who has struggled to get a pumpkin off of a vine will appreciate this thoughtful gesture on the part of the pumpkin patch owner's.

This was the truest pumpkin patch experience my minis have ever had. We will definitely be going back next year! We got pumpkins (all of good size), Indian corn, and numerous gourds (each minis apparently needed 3) for only $15. 

 During daycare, we've been reading the book "From Seeds To Pumpkins" (all about the life cycle of a pumpkin). Harrison and Elizabeth thought it was "sooo cool" to see the vines and flowers "just like in our book." We took a minute to study the vines and leaves.
 Not only did they have a decent sized field to pick your own pumpkins, but they had pre-picked pumpkins ready to grab up by their barn. We picked a couple of pumpkins from the field and picked out a couple of pre-picked pumpkins. Frey's had a wonderful selection of all colors, shapes, and sizes of pumpkins.

Earlier this fall, I nabbed a fantastic Groupon deal for Howell's Pumpkin Patch and Tree Farm (, but it pales in comparison to the simple pumpkin patch experience I wanted my minis to have. I can't say I'll never bother with an amusement park pumpkin patch ever again, but we will definitely be making this our primary pumpkin picking place!