Monday, October 20, 2014

A Relaxing Saturday

Anyone who is a parent should know by now that there is no such thing as relaxing when you have kids. There's ALWAYS things to do, get done, and needed. Hubs has to work a few Saturday's a month and I've dubbed those days "relaxing home days with Mommy, Max, Harrison, and Elizabeth." Every time I put my status on Facebook "Relaxing day at home with the kiddos" I want to scream "LIAR!!!" at myself. It's never relaxing.

My kids are always more work because there are no other kids around to entertain them--we also spend the first hour of the day discussing why we don't have daycare kids on Saturday and what they're doing instead. Whenever I feel like I'm getting something accomplished, I walk into the other room to find my house destroyed. Yesterday they had toys stacked as tall as me in the front doorway, making it impossible for me to take out the pile of trash I had collected from the boy's room.

Naps are a joke. Just when I think I can finally settle in on the couch and turn on the regular Netflix and not Netflix Kids, a kid decides nap time is over and we must find something fun and exciting to do, waking up the other two.

So friends, whenever you see a Facebook status that says I'm "relaxing" know that there is no relaxing happening. Instead, this is what my "relaxing" looks like:

 They needed breakfast. Not just any breakfast, but hot, homemade raspberry pancakes with raspberry syrup.
 Lil' Miss E needed covered every other minute. Then she needed "George Boo Fest" ("Curious George Boo Fest") on, then she wanted music on. Then we had to go over yet again why we don't have daycare kids on Saturday's, to which her response was always "why mama, why?"
 I finally made it into the pig pen, otherwise known as the boy's room. This mess took half of the day to sort through. I finally kicked them out of their own room and prevented them from helping me because they weren't much help at all!
 When I was done organizing the pig pen, I came out to the living room and was greeted by bottles of opened sand art. All over the table. The carpet. The couch. The kids then started complaining they had sand on their feet.
 So I cleaned up the sand. The kids began helping, but I kicked them out of the living room because they weren't much help at when the sand was cleaned up, I made my way into the kitchen. Only to find the kids actually playing IN the pumpkin "sand." This was then also tracked onto my just cleaned carpet.

Both boys had projects they had to get done for school. Harrison is the Star Student and needed to pick out a special item to bring. This took an hour and a half to decide because suddenly every pillow, blanket, figurine, play food, and movie was something "special."

Relaxing days are anything but relaxing in this house. But the fact that I got to do all of this in my jammies makes it semi-relaxing somehow!