Saturday, October 4, 2014

Apple Bowling

Pumpkin bowling was such a hit last year with the kiddos (see this for more details: that this year we added in Apple Bowling.

You need for this activity:

3-10 pop bottles (2 liters), or milk cartons or juice containers work too
Green apples
Red paint

First, clean out your containers. Squirt red paint into the bottom, just enough to cover the bottom. Make sure your lids are then screwed on nice and tight or you'l have paint everywhere. You can shake the paint up first or let the apples splatter the paint inside. We shook ours a bit first because the kids thought it was "soooo cool!"

Set your "pins" up, emphasize that the apple must be rolled on the ground and NOT thrown through the air, and bowl away. Every time the apple hits the "pins," paint splatters inside the bottle.

The kids LOVED rolling the apples and seeing the red paint "go everywhere!" in the bottle. They also did a great job of taking turns. I only had one child who attempted to eat the apple and only one child (one of mine of course) who threw the apple into the wall. Once things started getting messy, we put it away for the day.