Sunday, October 5, 2014

Week In Review: September 29 - October 3

We wrapped up another week at daycare with most of the kiddies sharing their cold germs with each other. Cold and flu season is definitely here (I'm pretty sure that started the day school was back in session) which means my house smells like Lysol constantly. The kids spoiled me this week with long naps, but kept me on my toes the rest of the time. Take a look at our week:

Elizabeth covered all of the dolls with all of her blankets. The cat wanted to get in too. The kids thought this was hilarious and spent the rest of the day trying to think of more "games" the cat might like to play with them. Spoiler alert: there weren't any.

Shaving cream glue paint.

Kitty Doc was taking a nap on the back of the couch. Elizabeth covered him up and gave him the remote for when he woke up. I'm pretty certain Doc is the best cat around for putting up with the kids' antics.

Apple spice play dough.
Max likes to come home from school and participate in the messy fun. He still comes home from school, asks "what did the kids do today?" and takes a look at their crafts and activities from the day. On occasion, there have been meltdowns because he missed out on something he likes to do.

I happily celebrated National Coffee Day. Elizabeth was a fan too.

The kids made egg carton apples. Once they were dry we put little green "stems" on them using construction paper and tape. The kids counted the "apples" all week, sorted them into groups, and played apple orchard with them all week. We did have to throw them out by Friday because they were pretty torn up from the little hands.

Apple bowling was a hit. Read more here:

The kids were not eager to try rainbow carrots (carrots in several different colors, but taste just like regular carrots) for lunches or snacks. So, I came up with a new way to serve them. I cut them up, peeled them, and set them on a plate in the middle of the play table. The kids were able to grab them as they played. They played grocery store with them a bit before they began eating them. It's of no surprise that the kids then loved the rainbow carrots and asked for them all week long.

Leaf painting. The kids mostly turned this into finger painting.

We spent a morning putting together puzzles.

The kids were thrilled to find a new Curious George Halloween movie on Netflix. They were even more excited to discover we already had this Halloween book. They grabbed the book and followed along with the movie, pointing out all of the differences between the two. I'm quite impressed with these crazy kids!

My mother-in-law gave Elizabeth her newest obsession: a doll backpack. There's a carrier on the front for her dollies to ride in. The backpack was filled with a doll blanket, doll diapers, a bib, and bottles. Elizabeth happily toted this around, showing it off to her friends.

One of these most exciting parts of their week: a garbage truck parked in front of the neighbor's house for five whole minutes!

Halloween cookie cutter painting.

Halloween pasta. I'm not very pleased that the black food coloring looks purple, but the kids didn't seem to mind or notice one bit.

A Halloween snack: chocolate pudding, chopped Halloween Oreo's, and Cool Whip (dyed orange with food coloring). Let it be known that none of the kids liked this snack and asked for crackers instead!
The kids got creative with their Halloween stickers.

Next week the kids will have a chance to play with pumpkin goop when we carve a pumpkin, make chili for lunch one day, have a snack of homemade caramel apples, get some outside time in, and play with apple "snow."