Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Ghost Cups

We're busy prepping for our Pre-Trick or Treat party and I needed simple outdoor decorations that the kiddos could help me with. I went searching in our basement, which holds large amounts of wonderment and crap, when I came across small styrofoam cups (such as these Dart 8J8 3.2" Top and 2" Bottom Diameter, 3.5" Height, 8 oz White Foam Cup (40 Packs of 25)) and white yarn, this little project fell into my lap.

I quickly put together three dozen Styrofoam Ghost Cups in less than a half hour.

All you need for this quick project:

Styrofoam cups
White yarn/string
Sharpie marker
Scissors (for cutting the yarn)
Pencil (for poking holes in the top of the cup for the yarn)

First poke two holes in the top of the cup, measure the amount of yarn/string you want (since we are hanging our's on the fence, we made our's long).

Tie your yarn, draw a face on the cup with a black Sharpie marker, and....you're done! We promptly took our's outside and hung them on the fence. It was quite the blustery day and the kids loved watching the Ghost Cups "fly" through the air!

I doubt these last much longer than the party they're for, but I'll definitely be making these again next year for outside Halloween decorations.