Saturday, October 25, 2014

Sensory Activity Gone Wrong

Earlier this week I decided to whip up this awesome Pumpkin Moon Sand I found on Pinterest ( How gorgeous and fun does that look??!!? Seemed simple enough. While the kids napped, I mixed up a large batch in the water table since the sandbox is currently a cornbox and all other bins are occupied with other sensory activities. This is how our's turned out:

Not at all how it should have looked, but it had a fun consistency and smelled wonderful, so the kids should enjoy it.......yea, they wouldn't touch it. They thought I had pooped in the table!

The pumpkin poop sand (as I re-named it) got rained on. It at least looked like a decent color of orange afterwards.
 We decided to take advantage of the gorgeous weather this evening and start cleaning up the yard for winter. That meant cleaning up the pumpkin poop sand. The entire time the Hubs scooped and cleaned, the minis shouted "don't get mommy's poop on us!" At one point I even got "daddy clean up mommy's yucky poop for her." "mommy, don't poop in the table!" I don't even want to know what the neighbors think of this conversation.

So, there it is. Another activity gone wrong. All I was trying to do was give the kids something fun (and slightly messy) to play with. Instead I got blamed for pooping in the water table. Typical. Just typical.