Monday, October 27, 2014

Best Toy Buy-Magformers

My sister-in-law bought a set of Magformers Rainbow 30 Piece Set years ago for my nephews, so when my kids were a bit older, I eagerly bought our first set. They were such a hit that our first set quickly grew into quite a collection. Every child loves these things, from the oldest child to the youngest. There's no small pieces in most of the basic sets so there's no choking hazards to worry about. Older kids love to build 3D space ships, houses, and buildings. Toddlers tend to lay them out flat, click the sides together, and build a grid-like thing (although they claim it's a house). Babies stare in wonder as they learn to click the sides together....and the smooth sides make an awesome chew toy when teething.

This is the third year in a row that Santa will be adding more Magformers to the kid's collection since they have been one of the more popular toys the kids play with daily.

Here are a few of our favorite sets (a few are also on the Hot Toy List for Christmas so be sure to buy your's early!):