Sunday, October 19, 2014

I Broke Down

I broke down a couple of weeks ago and bought my first pair of leggings. Jeggings at that. I have been strongly against this fashion trend for years. I did however jump on the yoga pants band wagon because they look slightly, just slightly, better than my baggy sweat pants. This fall, I wanted to look a bit more put together.

I spend my days at home, covered in paints, markers, food, snot, drool, and anything else the kids manage to wipe on me throughout the day. Because of my day job, I rarely wear anything nice. Mostly just sweats, yoga pants, tees, and sweatshirts. I wanted something comfortable, that I could still easily move around in, but that weren't quite as casual as my trusty yoga pants.

Then one day I received an email from Gap flashing 40% off at me. I hopped on to the website (I mean, who can pass up 40% off??!!?) and the first thing I saw were a pair of jeggings. I couldn't resist. I broke down and bought a pair, along with several tunic type shirts to wear with them. I received them a few days later.

Best purchase of the year. I can't believe I doubted shoving my chubby mom legs into jeggings. They're comfortable, yet has just enough jean material to suck in at just the right spots. They can be dressed up or down, look great with an oversized sweatshirt, and even better with a pair of boots. If you've been thinking about getting a pair, but hesitant to try them out, just go for it. They are amazing. If the regular price scares you a bit (they're around $70) wait for a sale or coupons. I wound up buying mine for only $30 (dirt cheap).

Just go for it fellow mommies. Buy your pair of Gap jeggings and be prepared to fall in love.