Thursday, October 9, 2014

Apple Jacks Trees

Such a cute and easy craft for younger kids! This wound up being a great sensory activity and great for learning about apples and how they grow. I suggest this book:  This sparked numerous questions from the kids and got really got them interested in making their own "apple trees." They even taste tested the Apple Jacks to see if they really tasted like apples.

My oldest son (6 y/o) and I drew trees by hand on poster board and cut them out for the kids.

Instead of glue, we mixed powdered sugar and water into a paste just in case the kiddos decided to eat the Apple Jacks off of the trees. I started out letting the kids spread their own paste, but things got real messy real quick so I spread it on for the kids. Of course, they still managed to get their fingers sticky but enjoyed licking it off. They also tasted the Apple Jacks while they stuck them onto the sticky paste.

I was pleasantly surprised at how well the Apple Jacks stuck onto the trees once the paste dried.
The mini's Apple Jacks Trees were planned for the refrigerator but a certain two year old ate off the cereal. Good thing these are super easy to do!