Friday, October 17, 2014

Pumpkin "Sand"

This is a fantastic fall sensory activity for kids of all ages.

What You'll Need:
Flour (4 cups)
Vegetable Oil (1 cup for every 4 cups of flour)
Tones Pumpkin Spice
Orange Paint (or food coloring or orange powder paint)

Put flour, oil, pumpkin spice, and orange paint in a bowl and mix by hand. Almost instantly you'll have a soft, sandy consistency.
Since our sandbox is currently a corn box (read more on that here:, I took the legs off of the water table and turned it into a sand table.

Pumpkin "sand" is about the same as regular sand mess wise and wipes off of clothes easily (it's also a no stress situation if it needs to be vacuumed out of the carpet).

Day #2 and the "sand" was brought inside for playtime. Of course they made a much bigger mess inside than they did outside by building the three little pigs houses and taking turns trying to blow them down (big points for creativity!). The "sand" swept up easily, making the hardest part trying to carrying the legless water table in and out of the kitchen.

The pumpkin "sand" should last a few more days before we throw it out. I've learned not to keep these sensory bins/tables too  long because they can grow mold (especially if you have your's in a sealed container) and they're also a good place for germs to stay (hello, we're in the beginning months of cold and flu season). Luckily flour is cheap so I'll happily obliged the kid's request for Apple "sand" next week.