Saturday, October 25, 2014

Say Yes To Pictures

Wherever there's a mom, there's so few pictures of her. Mom's seem to forget to take pictures of themselves. We're so busy snapping pictures of our kids, the cutest kids alive, that we forget to step in front of the camera. I try to get the good ole' selfie pictures occasionally of myself with my kids, but I haven't had a picture of just myself for what seems like forever.

When I began contributing to What The Flicka? they asked for a picture of me. What the hell? I don't have any pictures of just me! Thankfully, my husband goes along with my ideas and held an impromptu photo shoot in our backyard during nap time. I at least had a picture of myself that I could use for my professional work.

This got me thinking, why do I not take more pictures of myself? I may not be completely happy with the weight I would still like to lose or that I wear my glasses all too often, but it's who I am at this moment in my life. My minis love seeing pictures of me. They love trying to take my picture and sit and stare at it. They tell me I'm beautiful. Some day I want my minis to have pictures to remember me by. To look at and compare family traits. To just have. We recently had our family pictures taken and I had our photographer snap a couple of photos of just me. It took two seconds and the photos turned out great. I now actually have decent photos to choose from for my blog pieces.

It's not close to New Year's but my resolution starts now. I will be taking more pictures of myself. Of me with my minis, with my husband (because we have fun too!), and of just myself. Once a month, twice a month, once a week, I don't care. Just enough so that I have pictures to share, something for my children to have.

 If you need pictures of any kind and you're in the DM area, I recommend looking into Lauren Campbell Photography ( She does a fantastic job!
 Part of our impromptu photo session in the backyard last summer, taken by my hubby.

At the Botanical Gardens on a fun day off with my minis. Yes, I'm looking rather tired and my hair is ridiculous because of the humidity in the air, but I hope that in the years to come instead of focusing on what isn't great about the photo, we'll remember the fun day we had together.

It doesn't hurt that it makes me feel pretty darn good when I see a decent picture of myself.