Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Bye Bye Pacis

My baby girl is almost 2 1/2 years old (in December) and she had a mad love affair going with her pacifiers. Up until this point I haven't really minded much. She only used it for bedtime or when she was upset. BUT the terrible two's have been going strong with her for the past month, so she's been constantly upset about everything: her brother's going to school, mommy told her no, daddy told her no, I got her the wrong sippy cup, someone told her "no," she couldn't find her doll, she couldn't get herself dressed, I helped her wash her hands.....you get the picture. Anytime anything upset her she'd run to grab her blanket and paci.

I had enough of watching her attempt to talk with her paci in her mouth. If anything it started to make her scream even more. So we said bye bye to pacis.

I had her gather up all of her pacis (she had quite the collection) and put them in a plastic baggie. I asked her who she wanted to mail them to and she said "Harper" (a daycare friend). I wrote Harper on the baggie and Elizabeth gave her pacis one last kiss.

 Elizabeth put the pacis in the mailbox, and while Elizabeth took her afternoon nap, the "mailman" came and took them away to be delivered.

I was quite nervous about it. Mostly because I didn't want to listen to screaming for naps or bedtime, but everything went quite smoothly. She was fully aware that her pacis went bye bye to someone else and as much she loved her pacis, she understood she no longer had them. I know we could have, and should have, gotten rid of them long ago, but I fully understand now that it was me with the hang ups about saying bye by to the pacis.

I fully feel the guilt of "I took away my baby's comfort item!" but I was shocked at how smoothly it went and how little it actually effected her. So proud of my big girl!