Sunday, November 17, 2013

Weekend's Like These

Saturday started as one of those mornings that could have been lazy.....but I had two little boys who made sure there was none of that! Our morning started bright and early at 6:30 with muffins, a game of hide n' seek, and doing puzzles. We finally managed to make it out of the house by 10:00 am and headed to my Grandma Ann's house for the kid's flu shots. We're so happy she works at the kid's pediatrician's office and brings them home with her!

Doing puzzles with Grandma Ann

So sweet! Two of my favorite ladies together.
We made our way to Beaverdale Confections for treats and gigantic suckers!
Chips and salsa boys!
Lunch at El Aguila Real with some of the fam! We rarely eat at this Mexican restaurant, but it is delicious!
Aquadoodle and puzzles in the hallway before naps....not sure why they chose the tightest place in the house to do their activities, but it kept them quiet!

After naps and picking up daddy from work, we headed for an evening walk through the Sculpture Park:

Sunday morning brought cloudiness and rain, which made it the perfect morning for watching "The Croods."

We ran some errands in the rain too. Here are some of our finds for daycare crafts and activities:

The items I'll use to make the kid's felt Christmas tree. I'll have to cut out a tree shape with the green felt, but I got pre-made felt ornaments the kids will use to decorate the felt tree. The package of pre-made felt ornaments were more expensive than making my own, but I'm happy for the time saver.

The boys got to go to the Science Center:

The rest of our evening went something like this:

We missed our new soup recipe last week, but this week I made Bratwurst stew (recipe found here: Another good one, but I don't forsee making this too often because the kids weren't fond of it.
Before bed, the kids and I packed up our Combat Hunger sack with canned goods and other non-perishable food items. Matt and the boys will be dropping it off later this week. The contributions go to Iowa food banks.
Only 4 more items left on the list! I know we won't be getting around to all of them since our Holiday Season to do List begins the day after Thanksgiving, but even though we didn't get to everything on the list, we sure had a blast this fall. Next weekend we'll be going to the Fall/Winter Farmer's Market in Capital Square. We loved going last year and they've expanded the market this year so we're excited to see what goodies we'll come away with this year. Next Sunday will be a toss up between the zoo or a road trip to Tanger Outlet stay tuned to see what next weekend brings. Meanwhile, we'll have a busy week of Thanksgiving crafts and activities, Combat Hunger, conferences for our feisty three year old, and putting the finishing touches on our Holiday Season to do List.