Monday, November 25, 2013

Weekend All the Way

The kids and I spent our Saturday morning finishing off a couple of things from our Fall Fun To Do List. Unfortunately, we did not get to everything. We had a pretty fantastically fun fall so none of us are particularly upset about it. The kids and I managed to make it out to the Winter Market in downtown Des Moines. It was very crowded and not extremely stroller/kids friendly, but the kids scored a few goodies.

The kids were amazed at the big Christmas trees at the Winter Market. They also loved to people watch--definitely my kids!
Watching the band play below.
Max dancing to the band.
The minis with their goodies: Max had a cherry cupcake, H had a mint chocolate cupcake, and Miss E got an apple cider donut.

We ran through the skywalk for a good energy waster for the kids and exercise for myself!
Elizabeth stopped running long enough to point out a fire truck passing by!

We have been attempting to make it to the zoo the past several weeks, but the weather has been very uncooperative every time we even mention going. It was extremely cold, but for the sake of our Fall list, we braved the cold and went. Okay, so we only went to the Discovery Center and gift shop at the zoo, but I'm totally counting this as a trip to the zoo considering we have been sooo many times the past several months thanks to our zoo pass. We'll be back at the zoo in a couple of week to see Santa at the zoo too!

Harrison wanted help across the bridge. Big brother to the rescue!
Elizabeth's favorite part of the zoo: running through the flaps over and over and over again.

"Oooh kitty!" Elizabeth squealed every time the red pandas walked by her.

After lunch, naps, and picking up daddy, we made our way to Merle Hay Mall. The kids rode the train for the first time this season (actually the second time for H since he and daddy had a special day together last Thursday).
Coloring at Old Navy while mom shops.
Riding the train at Merle Hay Mall for the first this season. Daddy was thrilled that I made him ride with little Elizabeth and the other kids.
Target's Up & Up brand came out with holiday diapers this year. Yet another reason why Up & Up is my favorite brand of diapers!

We ended our fun filled Saturday by having a snack and watching "Planes."
A quick bath before the movie. Yes, this is totally my daughter using her Cabbage Patch doll's pacifier.
Snack and a movie. I love how it's the simple things like this that make them the most happy.

Sunday was a relaxing day at home, which involved cleaning, laundry, cooking, baking, prepping for the week, and a few errands. It's so funny now that we have three kids that cleaning suddenly means picking things up off of the floor. Make no mistake, that when I say we have a "clean" house, there's still an inch of dust on all surfaces, the windows are still smudgy, and even though I vacuumed and swept there's always left over crumbs on the floor....but I wouldn't have it any other way. Someday my house will be clean and tidy and my Sunday's will actually be relaxing and I won't be stuck watching Netflix Kids. Until then, I'll take the random piece of cheese stuck on my foot, discovering a harder than life Cheerio in my son's bed, and a peed on toilet seat.
Eating lunch on the couch while watching a Christmas movie.

Harrison at one of his friend's birthday party at Backyard Adventures.
It was Mexican tortilla  pizza night (salsa, black beans, corn, peppers, and cheese, baked in the oven for 10 minutes at 375 degrees). So yummy! The kids just opted for plain cheese pizzas with the corn and beans on the side.
Our nearly completed Fall Fun To Do List.

Only three days of "work" and then four days of starting on our Holiday Season To Do List!!