Sunday, November 3, 2013

No More Babies!

Our streak has been broken.....there will NOT be a fourth little Sheaffer in June! In fact, there will be no more little Sheaffer's from us. Don't get me wrong, I adore my children and they really are little miracles, but three and done for us. We celebrated breaking our streak with a little No More Babies party (not to take the credit for this gem of a night, it was all my hubby's idea):

Just making's negative!!

Time to celebrate!!!

After a few drinks, I got rather sad that there would be no more 4 am newborn snuggles. But then I remembered.....
They go from this to.......
This, all too soon.

Now I will hide these pictures from my children until they are old enough to understand or appreciate our No More Babies party. Not that we wouldn't have loved another little Sheaffer, but due to numerous circumstances (that shall not be discussed) we are leaving it at three. I have been told that any kids after three is easy, but that's something I'll leave to the next person to encounter. The morning after this party sealed the deal for me: with the time change the kids were up at 5 am, fighting over which cartoons to watch, begged for cookies for breakfast, cried over...well, I'm still not sure, made a Christmas list for half of the kids in America, peed on the floor, spilled a bowl of cereal on the carpet....yep, definitely a three and done kinda family.