Saturday, November 9, 2013

Doing the Turkey Hop

It was an energizing Friday around here which called for an energy wasting activity. Enter "The Turkey Hop."

The activity was simple and fun for all of the kids. I placed the bean bags in a circle, had the kids hop (or stomp in some cases) from one bean bag to the next, while they played instruments (if they wanted) and sang "doing the turkey hop. Hop, hop. Doing the turkey hop, doing the turkey hop, hop, hop. Gobble, gobble."

I loved this activity in particular because not only did it waste some energy, but this was totally the kid's own ideas combined into one Thanksgiving themed activity. Earlier this week the kids were hopping around the living room pretending to be turkeys and asked me to teach them turkey songs. Right, because I know so many turkey songs. With a little creativity, I took their questions and ideas and came up with The Turkey Hop. I found a few Thanksgiving themed songs online but I instead opted to make up my own song so it would be easy for all of the kids to sing (ages 1-5). The "song" can be chanted or sung to any tune you wish (we played around with it a bit).

The kids had a good 45 minutes of fun hoping, jumping, and stomping on the bean bags, playing their instruments, and singing The Turkey Hop song. Hopefully this activity fulfilled their turkey song ideas and turkey hopping needs.