Saturday, November 23, 2013

Week In Review: November 18 - November 22

Our week in pictures (or at least what pictures I managed to take of the kids' activities):

Started our week by putting our hatching dinosaur egg in water.
Using egg cartons to paint fall pumpkins.

Dinosaur grow capsules. 

When the dinosaur sponges started popping out of the capsules, a couple of the kids started informing others that the dinosaurs were being born and saying "blah!" as they popped out. Never a dull moment here!
The grow capsules turned into dinosaur sponges. 
Once dried, the kids got to do sponge painting with them.

Thanksgiving stamps (found at Michael's).
Peace baby! I had the kids paint these with either crayons (as some preferred) or the Up & Up brand paint brush markers. These are quite messy, but do wash out of things easily. The kids have really enjoyed using those paint brush markers this week.
Painting the pine cones the boys discovered on our nighttime walk.
The creepy dinosaur hatched from it's egg.
Thanksgiving feast/tea party/snack time.
The kids 3 and younger have really enjoyed coloring these this week. The older kids have enjoyed the activity pages. Another good buy from Michael's!
Foam pumpkins with foam and felt stickers.
Ending our week with a Friday night dance party. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and I don't enjoy "skipping" this time of year to get to everything Christmas, but I did make an exception Friday night when the kids requested Christmas music to dance to.

Fall sensory bin before bed.
The boys and I ended our Friday night by putting the finishing touches on our Holiday Season To Do List.

Next week will be a short week with Thanksgiving at the end of the week. We will be welcoming back some of our school age friends this week, doing a few last Thanksgiving crafts, helping me cook and bake, and getting our felt Christmas tree ready to go for the Christmas season.