Friday, November 29, 2013

Week In Review: November 25 - November 27

The end is here on our three day week! Here is our short but busy week in pictures:

Foam pumpkins-the kids did LOTS of these this week. These are stamped with Thanksgiving stampers. Others that they did had foam stickers.
Coloring their "Thanksgiving cups.
These were a big hit with the kids! I found them at Target for $2.99. I did have to make sure the kids didn't color too hard with them, but the kids thought it was pretty cool that they got to color and then "do magic paint on it."

Puzzle time. In going through toys for donation, I found a box of puzzles that hadn't been played with in quite a while and were completely torn apart. This turned into an hour long group activity for the kids, trying to figure out which puzzle pieces went to which puzzle and then putting them all together.
 The van all loaded up and the boys all ready to donate! The past month, the kids and I have been talking about how the holiday seasons are times of being thankful for what we have and giving to those who don't have food, clothes, toys, etc. Wednesday morning Matt and the boys took all of their stuff to my former high school to donate it to their school wide drive called Christmas Baskets. I was so very proud of my boys who gladly gave their "old" toys to kids who wouldn't otherwise be getting Christmas gifts. This has been a wonderful lesson and I love hearing how they interpret these things. Last week, the boys gave canned goods to Combat Hunger. 3 year old Harrison informed me we were giving food "to people who just don't eat mom." 
Grow capsules from Dollar Tree
The grow capsules turned into cars, trucks, planes, and boat sponges that the kids will sponge paint with next week.

The kids were super excited to help decorate our felt Christmas tree!

I put the two oldest kids in charge of helping me make sides for our Thanksgiving feasts. Max thought he was pretty cool for making the fruit salad completely by himself.

The kids also baked chocolate chip M & M cookies. However, those never quite made it to our Thanksgiving feasts!

The turkey hand prints turned out awesome! 
Sensory bins: playing with the fall sensory bin one last time and we added pine cones to the "snow" sensory bin.

We will be spending our four day weekend starting on our Holiday Season to do List, preparing the Christmas sensory bins, decorating the house, and of course lots of time with family. Let the holiday season begin!