Sunday, November 17, 2013

Week In Review: November 11 - November 15

A look at our week in pictures:


My awesome turkeys that I drew and then the kids colored, put on googly eyes, and  pipe cleaner feet.

The first snowfall of the season. I swear the kids were excited...
Yummy and easy pumpkin bars! I baked, Harrison helped frost and then the boys put on the sprinkles.


On Monday, the kids spent the better part of the morning playing "find the treasure." This prompted me to make and play a find the "treasure" game with the kids. I took a garment box and filled it with cut out shapes all different colors. I then hid all of the shapes around the living room and had the kids find the shapes treasure. When they found a shape, I had them tell me what shape and color it was and then they got to put it in the treasure chest.
The kids had a BLAST with this treasure hunt game! It kept them busy and learning for well over an hour. We will definitely be doing this activity again!
Painted cut out leaves.
Elizabeth really gets into painting!
The boys got into trouble for fighting. Their punishment was to hug for 5 was obviously terrible!


Foam stickers on foam pumpkins. All found at Michael's.
Daddy working on the door while Elizabeth helps out with her Gerber "knife."
My mom scored these Thanksgiving/Fall themed plates at Target for a quarter a piece!


Max thought he was hot stuff with his two hats on to keep him warm on these cold mornings. He informed me he was going to try out a third hat next week.
Matt got this craft for the kids at Michael's but they didn't work out (don't waste your money on these, the felt stickers tore when the kids tried to get the back off). So instead the kids used the foam stickers and decorated the cups.

Foam pumpkins covered with fall and Thanksgiving foam stickers.
I'm pretty sure I should invest in drawing classes for myself--I drew pilgrims and the kids got to color them.
Yummy late afternoon chex mix snack.

No napping Harrison the Great, came out of his bedroom with no pants (the underwear remained on thank goodness), 3 shirts around his neck, and a cape. He's a real super star this one!


The kids spent lots of time building with the Magformers.
Making an egg carton pumpkin. All you need: empty egg carton, orange paint, and a green pipe cleaner to use for the stem.

Baby Bup is growin' up!

Next week we will be continuing our fall and Thanksgiving theme with a few books about Thanksgiving and lots of fun crafts involving pumpkins, cut outs, painting, and turkey stamps!