Monday, November 11, 2013

Sunday Family Fun Day

We love our family fun days around here, especially those that are the right combination of fun and getting things done! That's exactly what this Sunday was for us: a bit of a sleep-in for myself thanks to the hubs, playing games, raking up leaves and winterizing the toys in the backyard, errand running with my girl, and a family birthday dinner for my aunt that involved a tractor ride for the boys, laughs, yummy food, presents, and cake.

Lots and lots and lots of leaves! Max enjoyed being buried and jumping out to scare Harrison.
Elizabeth and I ran some errands while the boys rested after raking leaves. This was one of scores from Target's holiday section. 

An afternoon at Colby Park

Taking a ride.


Not to forget our time with the kids Saturday morning before Day Date, Matt set up a game of sorts for the kids. The boys blew a cotton ball back and forth with straws. The only rule of the game was that they couldn't touch the cotton ball to move it....which proved difficult for the boys. Elizabeth completely disregarded that rule and kept grabbing it away! 

It was a great weekend that had just the right amount of happenings and relaxation. We're at the time of the year where our weekend family activities depends on the weather, but we still have a few last things to cross off of our Fall Fun To Do list and I'm quite hopeful we'll get a chance to do at least one of those! Stay tuned for our next adventurous weekend....