Friday, August 20, 2021

Daycare's Great Cupcake Wars


It was not kids having a war with cupcakes, it was a war between the cupcakes. Our Donut Day was such a success that we decide to repeat the same activity with cupcakes. The kids had a mini cupcake eating competition to see who could eat a mini cupcake the fastest. While the fastest kid ate his mini cupcake in just over 12 seconds, the fastest animal in the house ate his in 1.75 seconds. 

Then, we taste tested a variety of cupcakes from three local bakeries: Creme, Scratch, and The Bake Shoppe. The cupcakes were graded on looks, texture, and taste. I cut each cupcake into fourths, so the kids could try several different kinds of cupcakes from each bakery.

This one saved a bit of frosting from each of his cupcakes, mixed it together, and then tried it. He said it wasn't good. It didn't look appetizing, so I'm not surprised it didn't taste great!

In, the end, Creme won. However, the voting was very skewed because by the time we got to our third round (Scratch), half of the voting kids had tummy aches and opted not to take part in that round. So, if everyone had voted, Scratch likely would have won. However, they were all winners in my book! 

I'm really glad we didn't add in a fourth bakery like I initially wanted to!

** If you want an adult's opinion: Scratch is my favorite. I love their Sully cupcake (not rated during this activity because it contains peanut butter and we have kids allergic to peanuts in daycare), but their costumer service in the bakery is always top-notch. Plus, they have interesting flavors. 

That said, I felt the Bake Shoppe rivaled Scratch closely! Their cupcakes were moist and had wonderful, unique flavors. Their orange creamsicle I tried was amazing. Creme was very disappointing and I'm seriously wondering, "wth kids??!!" They were dry, not very flavorful, and they fell apart instantly when I cut them.