Thursday, August 5, 2021

Top 10 Things The Kids Love This Week


Usually these are about what has gotten me through a week, but part of getting me through the week is making sure the kids are happy, satisfied, and cared for. These kiddos are amazing. They are kind, care for and about each other, and make me lose my mind just as much as they keep me from losing my mind on my own! 

Here are the top ten things daycare has loved this week:

1.) I'm sure you've seen these wildly popular toys, but the kids have recently become obsessed with them. I've had fidget toys for years, as they're great at getting kids to focus, but the Pop Its are a new buy for me. 

2.) The kids have had a great time playing You've Got Crabs. I have yet to play it, but they make it look fun! 

3.) Their ultimate favorite new card game is Cards Against Humanity Family Edition. There are LOTS of laughs while playing every day.

4.) We use A LOT of water bottles during the summer. I surprised the minis with these National Parks stickers to put on our blank bottles. They had a great time going through the stickers, pulling out all of the Parks we've been to, and reminiscing about our trips.

5.) Usually we like large beach towels, especially for swimming lessons and quick trips to the pool. Of course, when we have to pack a lot of items, smaller beach towels work best. We found these to roll up easily and take less room to pack and are absorbent. We grabbed a dozen of them and we'll probably grab a few more.

6.) We had a lot of the items needed for our daycare Olympics Week, but I had to purchase a new volleyball net because the stakes to our old one went missing (either kids or a dog is responsible). It doesn't go as high as I had hoped, but it's versatile and perfect for kids under 12. 

7.) I made up my own watermelon slushie recipe for the kids and myself last week. It's been one of my favorite treats this summer. Check it out here.

8.) Speaking of treats, Bauder's Pharmacy has peach ice cream that is to die for. I hadn't had any in years, so it was quite special when Hubs came home with some.

9.) These may have made the list back in the spring, but they deserve a shout out. I usually stay away from Lakeshore art projects simply because I can get nearly the same products elsewhere and for a better price. I can't remember why but I ordered these suncatchers and they are the best suncatcher kit I've ever done with daycare! Well worth the price.

10.) I bought new sand toys to take to Texas and we dug them out of our beach stuff for our sand box. These ice cream sand toys have been played with a lot over the last few weeks. The kids requested these make their way into our play dough toys rather than back into our beach bags.