Thursday, August 12, 2021

Quick Dinner Idea


Okay, so sometimes I'm really on top of things and I can give you quick, easy, and healthy dinner ideas for a busy night. Then there's last night. My kids had homemade pancakes and turkey bacon that they took their time making. Me? I ate an English muffin with peanut butter on my way to my evening meeting.

If I had planned my evening better, I would have had time to sit down and eat with my kids. Of course, they decided to take an hour to make the pancakes, so that's a big maybe. But instead I had to rush around grabbing groceries for the next day, making sure directions for chores were written out for the minis before I left (apparently I'm the only one that can do this...huge eye roll), and making sure I had everything I needed for the meeting. I had exactly one hour and forty-five minutes to do all of this from the time I closed daycare until I had to leave. 

That meant I ate my muffin in the car as I drove. I hate eating while I drive. Apparently I was a little too into my dinner and missed an opportunity to turn. So, I sat at my light longer than I would have. No harm no foul, except I looked over to my left to see that driver watching intently as I ate. I turned as soon as I could just to get away from the watcher. As I chewed, I came across an odd texture. I had taken a bite of my napkin. That's likely what the driver was watching. Me eating part of my napkin with my dinner. So glad I can provide easy entertainment by just being myself.

So, your quick dinner idea: a peanut butter English muffin with a little bit of napkin in a bite as you drive. You'll keep your fellow drivers laughing.