Monday, August 2, 2021

Grocery Pick Up Thoughts

Picked up grocery, then home to watch this girl dance until bedtime.

Every week I do multiple grocery pick ups. Yes, we have to drive to the store a few times a week, but the pick ups save me loads of time. Someone else does my shopping for me and I get the relaxing several minutes alone. I listen to my music, I make quick calls to friends, return a few emails while waiting. Tonight I had nothing to preoccupy my mind and I am more aware of what is going on around me.

People are getting out of their vehicles to help load their items in their trunks. Are we supposed to do this? I thought the whole reason for grocery pick up was less face to face contact, but the guy next to me shook his loader's (is this even what they're called?) hand and gave him a pat on the back at the end. If we're doing this in grocery pick up, do we do this inside with the cashiers too?

The store worker walked up to my car and asked me what name the order was under. "Ashlen," I said smiling. She looked at me, smiled back and replied, "Patrick?" Definitely not what I said. I was polite about it, but she looked confused. I think she really wanted me to be Patrick.

For a split second I wanted to be Patrick too. What did Patrick order? I kinda wanted to check it out. Patrick's grocery choices will either make me feel really good about mine or really crappy. Patrick wound up being a few cars down from my spot and my view was blocked, so I didn't get a look at the bags. You can really tell a lot about a person by their groceries. I've made many a clerk nervous as I came through their check out lanes with random items for daycare. My favorite was the evening I went through the line with five tubs of Metamucil to make edible slime. The cashier's poor face can never be replicated as she uncomfortably asked how I was, while ringing through each tub. Poor girl. 

All of the songs that play on my drive home suck. It's only as I'm turning onto my own street that a good song comes on and I'm stuck deciding if I pull in my own driveway or if I I go right past, weirdly circling my neighborhood blocks, singing loudly, until the song is over? I obviously opted for the second option.