Monday, August 16, 2021

Weekend Without Kids

This was pretty amazing. I/we had nearly an entire weekend without the kids. The dog made himself known during our weekend, but it was amazingly relaxing! I was exhausted from an incredibly busy week. As soon as daycare closed for the weekend, I was in bed asleep, while the minis were with cousins. The next day they were with grandparents. They came home Sunday late morning....and we watched The Jungle Cruise in the afternoon. Again, the weekend was amazing.

Hubs, Zeus, and I didn't do much. We picked up delicous food all weekend long, we watched movies, I read a book, we napped, the dog napped. It was all so very needed.

The minis got to hang out with cousins Friday night at The Hall.

Apparently, when the minis are away Mom and Dad try new restaurants and watch movies we wouldn't normally watch! We tried Lachele's Fine Foods, grabbed peppermint ice cream sandwiches from Bauder's (not new, but some favorties), Opa! for dinner (again, not new but we tried new to us dishes), and Taste of New York Pizza when the minis got home on Sunday. We ate while we watched The Suicide Squad, A Quiet Place 2, Midnight In Paris (free on HBO Max), and The Jungle Cruise. All food and movies are approved and recommended....and yes, we really do have that many streaming services.

We brought Zeus to pick up food with us (because he's obsessed with car rides, even though he has car anxiety), so I had to stay in the car each and every time. It was boring.