Monday, August 9, 2021

What In The World? Sleeping Edition

 How often does a parent think, "what in the world??!!?" when observing something about their child? I think it too often to count! I lost count in the first month of having my first child. Here we are 3 kids and 13+ years later and I still think this daily. Today's edition is about how my child sleeps.

Each of my three minis sleep differently. My oldest likes to have space to sprawl out, but also likes to have the dog sleep with him. The middle likes to curl himself into a ball, cover himself completely with one or two blankets and have a fan on high. That brings me to the youngest. She's a messy sleeper. She'll cuddle you, while also kicking. She moves around her bed each night and ends up in the oddest sleeping positions. She also likes anything and everything in bed with her. 

Currently, she has one actual pillow and four fun, decorative pillows in her twin sized bed. There's also stuffed animals and dolls. This morning, I went in her room to put her clean clothes on her bed (for her to fold and put away later today) and noticed some new randoms in her bed: sensory toy balls and a pack of gum.

Of course I questioned her about it, to which she said, "I needed it all to go to sleep last night." Exactly none of this should surprise me. She actually slept with two hard dolls, two sensory balls, and a pack of gum. My first thought upon seeing it all was, "what in the world??!?" followed immediately with the thought, "at least there's not gum caught in her hair." That's where we found ourselves on this Monday morning.