Sunday, August 22, 2021

The Last Friday of Summer

Today was the day. The last day I'll have a good majority of the bigs until next summer (or until the next school break that I'm actually in town). Some of those are the littles who are becoming bigs. I really won't dwell on it, or have a chace to, until after Labor Day. I'm sure at that point you'll be getting a sob story about missing faces I've seen everyday for the last ____ amount of years. It's coming, but today was not that day. Today was a celebration. Another summer done. Another summer of memories, growth, changes, laughter, tears (although very few), challenges, and FUN. Honestly, this was probably one of my most favorite summers ever. It was a summer to be thankful that I've created a small, close, loving, supportive, and kind community with my daycare kids and their families. 

So, we ended it on an epic note. We had whipped cream pie fights, followed by a water balloon fight, followed by the sprinkler, followed by mud slides. It was the perfect way to end the summer!

The dog caught wind of what was happening outside and begged to come out too. He was in heaven with a whipped cream backyard!

Everyone else was throwing water balloons. I looked in the corner of the yard to see these two (pictured below) with pie tins eating the whipped cream!

My backyard is a mess and smells slightly like rotting milk. The dog threw up from eating all of the whipped cream all over the backyard. There's new mud holes that weren't there this morning. There's a morning of laughter that I'll keep with me until we do the same thing next summer, when everyone is another year old, challenges will get bigger, and I'll be back doing what I do.