Monday, August 16, 2021

Weekly Wrap Up


Woah what a week it was! The kids seem to be off of their board/card game kick, so we came up with various things to fill their time. The hit of the week was the Talent Show, along with the new ice cream/lemonade stand, and the new bin of fidget toys. I think the *highlight* of the week (please note the sarcasm) may have been when the thermostat was hit one too many times and fell off the wall.



A fidget toy got stuck on the ceiling. It was only a matter of time.

I went to check on the bigs and discovered it to be a little too quiet and all of the lights off. I held my breath as I went downstairs, only to find them innocently covered in blankets, reading Stary Stories To Tell In The Dark because "Friday is Friday the 13th, but we won't all be here on Friday, so we're celebrating the day today." I had to giggle and appreciate their sweetness.

We read every afternoon for 30 minutes. The oldest wanted to get a start on his school year reading with Animal Farm. He quickly finished the book and moved onto the worksheets and book reports.

Homemade play dough.

A game at the Field of Dreams. The minis weren't into it at all.

Friday was an eating day: breakfast nachos, mug cakes, homemade hamburger helper, and affogato for dessert (after daycare).

The oldest made lunch with "help" from the dog.

The corners of the walls are chipped thanks to the dog's tail and the thermostat was torn out of the wall. The casualties of summer, I guess. Thankfully, a new thermostat was on our list to replace, so we finally upgraded to one that works with our Alexa's and can be controlled through our Amazon devices and an app.

The highlight of the week was booking this beauty in Seattle. As summer comes to a close and we begin another school year that's "different," I was happy to have something to look forward to this fall. We have one more week of summer vacation left with all of their friends. I'm anxious to see what this school year brings, but I'm so very thankful we've had such an amazing summer!