Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Here's To Year 2 Of Homeschool


Here it goes. Year #2 of doing something I never thought I'd do: homeschooling my children. After much consideration, this is still the best option for us as a family until the pandemic is over, but at this point that seems like a long way off. We will definitely reevaluate at the second half of the school year, but for now, it's homeschool all the way. 

Unlike last year, when school buildings were completely shut down, the minis got to go down to the district's central campus and choose their curriculum for the school year. I'm sure you've heard me speak about how the minis are in control of their own education. Well, that's still true and they are really stepping up. Last year they got a say in what they learned and how they learned it, but this year they get to choose exactly what they learn and the textbooks/curriculums we use to do it. 

They were sooo excited for this evening. They spoke all weekend about what they hope their options are as far as learning goes. They're working to tie in our fall travels with the curriculum they chose. I've never seen kids so excited to begin school! School (for us) officially begins after Labor Day, but the minis asked to get a start on reading their textbooks immediately.  Now it's up to me do through each curriculum and textbook chosen, meet with the minis, and write their individual education plans for the school year.