Monday, August 16, 2021

Affogato Connoisseurs


Last week I introduced the minis to the Italian dessert affogato (pronounced a fuh gaa tuh). We used this recipe, but topped ours with mini chocolate chips. The dessert was well received and the minis instantly began looking up other affogato recipes. They asked if they could make it again and I obviously replied, "sure!" While I don't love the thought of them having espresso, there could be worse things they could ask for.

Skip forward to today. The business is closed due to me being sick (a cold that is completely kicking my butt) and I slept in. I spent most of yesterday in bed as well. So, when I finally made my way downstairs, the first thing I did was make myself a cup of coffee. Actually, I reached for the espresso. I noticed it was emptier than I thought it should be.

Weird, but weirder things have happened in our house, so I let it go. An hour later I was in the kitchen laying things out for dinner later. I opened up the refrigerator and had to remove the vanilla bean ice cream to get something. I noticed the container was nearly empty.

"Where'd all of the ice cream go?" I asked. I figured the kids had helped themselves at some point over the weekend.

The oldest smiled slying and said, "oh yeah, we need more. We'll probably need more espresso too. We've been having a lot of affogato." I asked how much they had had since last Thursday night, to which he replied, "well, I had two yesterday, one on Saturday, one Friday morning, and one Friday night. Harrison and Elizabeth had a little less than that, but we've been having it every day."

So, they've had espresso for five days straight, multiple times a day! No wonder they have been taking two mile runs around the neighborhood every evening! Stellar parenting moment on my part. Anyways, I hear we're having affogato with a homemade berry sauce tomorrow evening, so I can't complain (too much, at least).