Monday, April 19, 2021

Slow Down Saturday AND Sunday

Sure we were home all weekend, but I wouldn't exactly call Sunday slow in the least! Saturday maybe a little, but I felt busy most of the weekend! 

The boys scattered Legos across the table on Saturday, while the rest of us went to Target. The youngest happily attended a friend's birthday part Saturday evening. After we picked her up, we checked out the new SpaghettiLand Park in Waukee. That was the extent of our Saturday. The slowest Saturday we've had in quite a while.

We took some time to do the next step for our pinata. 

This one was in heaven with her Target trip. She got to push the cart, pick out a new bike, and get Starbucks. All because her friend needed a gift!

I wore make up! I got exactly one picture, this picture, as proof. 

Sunday was something else. Somehow we all slept in, ordered breakfast, ran errands, made lunch, cleaned and did weekend chores, took a 3 mile walk around the neighborhood, taught the oldest how to mow the yard, pulled weeds, made dinner, made homemade play dough, showered, and watched the ACM Awards. It was relaxing and go, go, go at the same time. All in all, it was a wonderful spring Sunday.

We were thrilled to find one of our favorite breakfast spots on GrubHub. We haven't had Star Bar in well over a year. I was beyond excited to have my spinach and pepper goat cheese omelet. The oldest snagged a monte cristo (and wouldn't even share a bite!), while the other two minis had pancakes (and Hubs got his favorite ham and cheese omelet). It was just as good as we remembered it!

Isn't this how you have to eat breakfast too???

The minis made wishes (look at their closed eyes!) and picked dandelions (and other flowers, leaves, and grasses) for our dandelion play dough. 

Photo cred to Elizabeth.

A toy rotation and good scrubbing of the daycare room. We have a baby coming next week, so I broke out the baby items to get the kids used to having them out and learning what they can and can't touch/mess with.

We have a new mower in the house! He also learned how to use the weed wacker.

A special dinner of homemade Oreo pancakes (there were entire Oreo cookies inside the pancakes!), fruit and granola yogurt parfaits, and turkey bacon.

The dandelion play dough. It did not look great at first, but I promise it does not look like cat puke!

Next weekend we'll be back at our State Park Tour, followed by a Covid-style epic road trip. I'm equally excited for both!