Monday, April 12, 2021

A Dog Birthday Party

If you haven't figured out that we celebrate everything, I'll say it again: we celebrate everything! Including our dog's birthday. Zeus will be one later this month, just as we're gearing up to leave on our first family vacation in well over a year and a first epic road trip for our pup. Needless to say, our minds are not focusing on our pup's first birthday (too much) at that time. Luckily, my mom and sister both have dogs with spring birthdays, so not only did we gather last weekend to celebrate Easter, we also celebrated the dogs!

There was lots of chasing, barking, party hats, and cake. Searching Chewy last month, I snagged some birthday toys for the boys to play with. The HB tennis balls were a favorite, the balloon toy was torn apart (by mine, of course), and the HB bone never made it out of our house because Zeus claimed it as his.

How cute is that cake my mom made for the dogs?!

Eyes always on the prize if that prize is food! Particularly if that food is cake, cookies, string cheese, or crackers.

This insane pup waited in the yard for his exhausted (and slightly irritated) older puppy friends to come play with him. They opted out.

All the partying meant this pup slept Monday away!

Coming up for Zeus' birthday at the end of April, the kids will be using their art time to create a pinata filled with dog treats and toys! Fingers and toes crossed that it turns out and can be done by April 24th!