Tuesday, April 20, 2021

What We're Reading This Week

While my minis are consuming book after book, I realized I have not picked up and read a full book in a year. I was feeling bad about it (considering I love reading), but then I realized I spend a good portion of my days reading all sorts of things: lesson plans, news articles, medical journals and data, children's books, etc. I went from feeling like I was reading nothing to feeling as though I had greatly expanded my horizons with the reading I am doing. Regardless, the minis and I spend A LOT of time with our noses buried in books. Not only do they/we read for each class a day, they do 30 - 60 minutes of free reading each day. That's where many of the list below come in.

This is what's on our reading list this week:

1.) The Hunger Game series. The oldest is enthralled with this series (apparently it's on the banned books list). He began the first book a week and a half ago and is nearly done with the third. We've watched the movies as he finished each book, but I'm told the books are better.

2.) Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. The middle mini is on book number 6! He has done an amazing job with this book series. Not only are the books long, but he does A LOT of comparision notes and writings, character studies, and reflections. It took his nearly two months to read the fifth book (also the longest in the series), but he's bound and determined to finish up the series this school year!

3.) The Secret Lake. The youngest loved this book and finished it within a few days of receiving it.

4.) Matilda. A classic. Apparently my youngest says she's never seen the movie, so I'm eagerly awaiting her to finish the book so we can watch it!

5.) What Were The Salem Witch Trials. I got this book for the youngest, who is recently obsessed with the Who/What Was series, but the middle mini sat down and read the book in under an hour. Now I randomly here facts about the witch trials throughout our days. 

6.) How To Teach Leadership To Kids. I literally Googled this and read article after article on this subject. Next week is Leadership Week, where we'll be working on honing their communication skills and working on patience, as they lesson plan and take on an activity a day with daycare. They've pretty much done this their whole lives, they'll simply be graded on it this time! There are numerous wonderful articles and findings out there on the subject, as well as things you (as a parent or caregiver) can do to help those skills.

7.) Lots of Texas info. Since we leave in two weeks for another epic Covid-style road trip, I'm up to my eyeballs in information about Texas. I tend to read a lot of blog posts from locals, so we have insider knowledge on where to go, random things to see, best local restaurants. You get the idea. That's how we've discovered some amazing places in this country!

8.) Newspapers. Old school newspapers. We haven't gotten a newspaper in years; our youngest wasn't completely sure what it was! Like so many others, we read online. We recently collected newspapers for a paper mache project and the minis read every. single. page. before we put it to use. Now, they request newspapers regularly.