Sunday, April 11, 2021

11 Thoughts As I Do My Taxes

Not doing taxes, hiking through the woods. This makes me much happier than sorting through receipts.

 1.) I should buy stock in Ranch dressing. I bought a bottle every week from May - December.

2.) Do you need a Lego set? Don't bother with Target, we've got them all here.

3.) I can't wait until it's okay to use reusuable hand towels. I spent THOUSANDS of dollars just on paper towels for daycare. ** Using anything reusable currently is very frowned upon at the moment. That can be a mark against me if there happens to be a Covid outbreak at daycare.

4.) I wonder if I'll ever be questioned about the amount of glue I bought? ** for slime, just for the record.

5.) I bought 254 markers in April and May 2020. How were NONE of those working by October 2020?

6.) My water bill in the summer months 😒😓😝😲

7.) The cost of food, toys, art supplies, and office supplies have definitely risen since April 2020. 

8.) I worked shorter hours in 2020 than previous years, but I worked MORE hours in total because we couldn't take vacations, so I didn't take time off. ** Those shorter hours helped me keep my sanity and let me homeschool my children. I have THE BEST families for being understanding and making the school year work for me.

9.) I cannot remember what activity I bought 13 boxes of pudding for, but I KNOW it wasn't eaten (because no one in our house loves pudding that much). 

10.) Salt and shaving cream are filed under Arts and Crafts, just so you know. "You're told this every year Ashlen." And I forget every year. 

11.) I had three different hours operation hours in 2020. This makes calculating the time I spent on daycare/business outside of daycare hours nearly impossible. Along those same lines, why are we not allowed to write off homeschool things??!!? I essentially homeschooled AND daycared during May 2020 and September - December. I spent an absurd amount on office and art supplies FOR the kids.