Wednesday, April 7, 2021

I Can't Think Of A Title


Me, drinking a mimosa that I drank at the same time as my coffee because I wanted both.

I'm a conundrum. I've never understood black and white. I appreciate the depth of gray. I can never give an answer. I think of a thousand questions and ideas. Do you like the pink shirt or the black shirt? I'm asked. The pink screams fun, it's me. But the black is multi-functional. Can't I like both? 

I like dark cloudy days as much as I like the brilliant sun. Rainy days make me rest, my body and mind come to a numbing halt. Sunshine brings me to life. There is no choosing between the two. I like being indoors as much as I like being outdoors. I like black coffee as much as a fluffy latte. I like being on water as much as dry land. I like cats as much as dogs. I like doing and doing nothing at the exact same time. 

I confuse myself as much as I understand.