Friday, April 23, 2021

Paper Mache Pinata

 I so wanted to write a successful paper mache pinata story this weekend. We were going to make it into a tennis ball and let the dog break it open for his birthday on Saturday. We even used an edible "glue" and "paint" mixture. The dog still got to break it open, but we didn't get to put the finishing touches on it because the pinata collapsed while the paint was drying! 

All was going smoothly. After watching numerous YouTube videos about paper mache, I decided to make our own "glue." We used 2 cups flour, 3 tbsp salt, 2 cups warm water for the glue. That worked beautifully. I believe our main issue happened when we left a hole at the top of our paper mache ball, so we could put Zeus' new birthday toys inside (I believe we should have paper mached the entire thing, then cut a door in later). I realized our mistake when we removed the beach ball (that was easy peasy and happened flawlessly), added the goods, and began to paper mache over it. I knew that part was going to make it weaker.

Yes, my child licked the "glue" just to try it. All completely edible.

We painted it with no issues too. At that point I decided we'd be able to pull it off and just photograph the finished product with the "good side." But when I checked on the pinata 24 hours later, it had collasped. Of course it worked out like that.

We used the same "glue" recipe, but added food coloring for the "paint." That way we didn't have any worries if the dog decided to eat part of the pinata. He didn't, but I am VERY surprised by that!

Since it was dry, we decided to celebrate the dog's birthday a few days early and let him break the pinata open. That was the best! Despite the pinata not turning out as we had hoped, it made for a great art project and we know how we might do our next one. We're crossing our fingers that one doesn't collapse on us!

The anxious pup smelled his treats in the pinata and was not-so patiently waiting for it!

And the video of our week and a half long project being taken down in seconds: