Thursday, April 29, 2021

9 Thursday Favorites


The weather this week has been superb, making for lots of play time outside!

I realized today that there's been a lot of new loves this week. Between adding an infant to the daycare mix, prepping for an epic road trip, and that final stretch of homeschool, it's been a BUSY week. Here are the things that have made my life a little bit easier and better this week: 

1.) I live in flip flops. All year long. I treated myself to new flip flops. Not any flip flops: Crocs flip flops. Hear me out on this. Crocs are easy on the feet, they don't look terrible, they're waterproof, and they hold up really well. I went basic with my new purchases, so they can go with anything and everything. You can never go wrong with white flip flops and black strappy sandals.

2.) I decided I needed multiple wrap carriers for the new daycare baby, since I need to be on the go all day long. Not only do I have my trusty K'Tan, but I also purchased an Acrabros wrap carrier and I'm in love. The Acrabros is stretchier and a thinner fabric, which is perfect for those long four hour naps baby likes to take while I wrangle the others for their naps! Both wraps are easily washable and so far, the fabrics haven't worn down in either.

3.) I've had this Scoop A Bug set for a few years and it never gets old. Especially when I put the bugs in a sensory bin with black beans. The kids keep busy searching for the bugs in the beans, scooping them up, sorting them, hiding them again in the beans, and then starting over. It's been hours of entertainment for them for the last two weeks.

4.) What screams it's spring? Neon paint. Crayola Neon is my favorite. We've painted Mother's Day gifts with it. We've done driveway painting with it. We've window painted with it. It's bright, colorful, and washable.

5.)  Pizza night is a thing at our house. It usually happens every week or two. This week I wanted something a bit different. We took a chance with this Pizza In A Bowl recipe and it was a hit! We subbed the ground beef for spicy Italian sausage, no cream of mushroom soup, and added black olives and green peppers. 

6.) In case you weren't aware of our tick run-in last weekend (read about that mess here), we were in HIGH cleaning mode on Sunday. We took our Highlander to Mister Car Wash for a thorough cleaning inside and out. We were extremely pleased with the results. Plus, it kept our Sunday free because if we would have done it ourselves, we would have spent a few hours on it!

7.) The Handmaid's Tale season 4 has been long awaited. I've happily binge watched the first couple of episodes with hopes that I'll have time this weekend (in between packing) to watch the rest of the available episodes.

8.) When life gets crazy, I look for things that calm me. This week I'm listening to the Acoustic Covers playlist on Amazon Music. I dig it.

9.) What happens when it's discovered that a ?? year old bouncy seat stops working mid-day? Simply order a new one from Target and have a new one at my front door within two hours. I splurged on a one year subscription to Shipt and so far, it's proven very useful. I don't have the option of simply leaving the house when I need something and my evenings are pretty packed these days (thanks to homeschooling). This delivery service is wonderful for this wahm.