Thursday, April 1, 2021

April Fools Cake Pops


We've had some fun with April Fools Day in the past. We've done a breezeway filled with balloons, frozen cereal, chocolate covered cotton balls, a toilet covered in sun butter "poop," brown E's, and silly little jokes. We enjoy April Fools Day in this house, but I'll be honest, I found myself at a loss of what to do this year. I thought about saran wrapping their bedroom doors or gift wrapping the toilet, but I was worried 1.) the dog would wind up eating the saran wrap and we'd have a massive vet bill and 2.) I did not want to deal with a potential accident in the bathroom. So, after my mom shared a video on the Book, I decided on chocolate covered brussel sprouts. 

I used fresh brussel sprouts, so we had to use a skewer to make a hole for the sticks. Otherwise, this was a simple prank that only took a few minutes to do. Then, I left them in the refrigerator overnight to harden and set them up the next morning. The minis were thrilled with the idea of a cake pop with breakfast, but I felt guilty so I had donuts delivered this morning.

The oldest wanted no part of the cake pops. He looked right at me and said, "no way. It's April Fools Day." The two youngest thought it was weird that I offered cake pops for breakfast, but went along with it. Even after the youngest discovered it was chocolate covered brussel sprouts, she kept eating it!

Here are the priceless videos of the two minis trying them. I DID NOT attempt this with the daycare kids because I didn't want to deal with any tears or fears of me making their food!

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